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Our services for dispatchers

Groups and Business Relationships

Our system allows you to manage your company and business relationships in a reasonable way.
Divide your company into geographical regions to save time and money.
Reconstruct your company┬┤s hierarchy:
You can see and manage requests of all subgroups
while your employees on the spot see only requests of plants they manage.
We can set up any number of levels for you.
This way you can not only send requests to carriers but also distribute capacities in-house.

*New* Use priorities to send your requests to your preferred carriers first!
Vehicle requests are automatically first sent to carriers in group A.
If you would like to forward the request to the next group of carriers just click the green arrow next to the request.
Next to the arrow you can see which group will get the request next.
Carriers can also easily be moved between groups in your business partner overview.

These new features are completely customisable for your employees.
You decide who is allowed to forward requests or move carriers between groups.
Do you have an in-house vehicle assigment which needs to come first?
We can set up your account in a way that your in-house carrier has to reject a request
before your plant managers can forward the request to the next group.

Plant Management

Each of your plants has an infopage where you can see current tours and requests
as well as a site where you can create requests for the plant.
Furthermore you can see the requests of every plant in your dispatcher overview.


Creating Requests

Our request form is easy to use. Choose a vehicle type from the list and enter the period when you need the vehicle.
You can enter the period manually or use a set of buttons.
For example: Click 'Morning' to book a vehicle from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Wait subsequently for replies from your carriers and choose one from the list of interested parties.

Anfrage Formular

*New* Tour Management

Mietmischer now offers more information about your tours and options to react to them.
In case you have awarded a tour by phone or to a carrier that does not use Mietmischer you can click the phone button.
A dropdown menu will open where you can either select your carrier or 'external carrier'. After that the request will be moved to your activ tours.

With the green up-arrow you can forward a request to the next group of carriers
if your preferred carriers have no free capacities.

The looking glass gives you detailed information about your open request.
Here you can see which employee created the request, which carriers rejected the request or sent offers
as well as an overview of your carriers' contacts including name, company name and phone number.
A check mark next to a name suggests that this carrier already received your request.
An arrow means this carrier belongs to the group of carriers that will get your request if you forward it the next time

*New* Tools

Desktop-Notifications - Our desktop-notifier will inform you about any new offers from your carriers.
This way you will not have to check your emails anymore or keep your browser open. Download(64-bit)

Smartphone-App - Mietmischer is now available at the Google Play for Android devices. Link


Mietmischer can also be integrated into your dispatching software (e.g. CIBDISPO).
This way you can use Mietmischer from a familiar environment.
Integrating Mietmischer into your dispatching software brings many more benefits such as the transfer of vehicle data.
Feel free to contact us!