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Our services for carriers

Simple Handling

If any of your business partners has requested a vehicle you will immediately be notified by email.
You can answer the request on the website, by phone or directly from your email with just one mouse click.
As soon as you have been awarded the contract you will be informed and can assign a vehicle to the tour.
That is the whole process.

Clear Design

On your overview page you can answer requests and assign vehicles.
You and your co-workers will only see what you need when you need it on this screen.
In your requests solely relevant tours and contracts are shown.
Expired requests and completed tours will are automatically hidden.


Groups and Business Relationships

Our system allows you to manage your company and business relationships in a reasonable way.
Divide your company into geographical regions to save time and money.

Fleet Management

You can manage your own vehicles.
Do you have a 3-axle truck mixer you would like to register on Mietmischer?
Just enter your registration number and choose 3-axle from the dropdown menu.
We can add further vehicle types fast and easy to our system. Just ask one of our employees!

Fahrzeug anlegen

Always Up to Date

Besides notifications by email and on our website Mietmischer now offers 3 new methods to stay informed about new requests and tours.

Desktop-Notifications - Our desktop-notifier informs you immediately about new requests from dispatches or contracts awarded to you.
This way you will not have to check your emails anymore or keep your browser open. Download(64-bit)

Smartphone-App - Mietmischer is now available at the Google Play for Android devices. Link

SMS - If you would also like to be informed about new requests through text messages you can deposit a mobile number and ask one of our employees to activate the SMS feature for you.